Roundtable Membership

2020 – 2021 Roundtable Committee Members

 Angélica Garcia Co-Chair, President
 Matthew Freeman Co-Chair, Academic Senate President
 Kuni Hay Vice President of Instruction
 Stacey Shears Vice President of Student Services
 Brenda Johnson Dean, Student Support Services
 Joya Chavarin Int. Dean, Math, Business, Science, & Applied Technology
 Lisa R. Cook Dean, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
 Shirley Slaughter Director, Business & Administrative Services
 Martin De Mucha Flores Associate Dean, Educational Success
 John Nguyen Director, Student Activities & Campus Life
 Sam Gillette Academic Senate Vice President
 Barbara Des Rochers Academic Senate Representative
 Joseph J. Bielanski, Jr. Academic Senate Representative
 Mary Clarke-Miller Department Chairs Council Representative – Co-Chair
 Tim Rose Department Chairs Council Representative – Co-Chair
 Cynthia D. Reese Executive Assistant to the President
 Felicia Bridges Public Information Officer / Classified Senate President
 Kye Ocasio-Pare Classified Senate Vice President
 Jasmine Martinez Classified Senate Representative
 Ramona Butler Classified Senate Representative
 Liam Zhu ASBCC President


Length of Term:
By position – as long as position held
By appointment – Indeterminate
How Selected:
By position – by virtue of position held
By appointment – Appointed by respective bodies



Previous Year:

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