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We the People, Women’s March in Sacramento, January 21, Photo Juana Alicia

Hello Everyone,
In honor of Womxn’s History Month, ReThink Justice and The Office of Student Activities is hosting a “Womxn’s Voices From Around the World” poetry reading on March 7th. The event will be in the auditorium at college hour. Be on the lookout for our flier so you can share with your students.

We are looking for folks to share poetry about/written by womxn. Especially works which focus on the experiences of womxn from a variety of cultures who want to have their voices honored.

If you would like to be a part of the program please reply to with the length (in time) of your reading by Wednesday 2/22. If you have a piece to share but will be unable to read it yourself, please feel free to submit it in writing. We will arrange a reading as time allows.

Thank You,
Jennifer Ajinga
CAFYES Program Manager (510) 981-2831

Dr. Veronica Neal, Presenting

Dr. Veronica Neal’s Presentation/Equity Institute at BCC

Dear Rethink: Justice (RJ) Team,

I was so impressed by Dr. Veronica Neal’s presentation about “Cultural Humility as a Pathway for Equity” workshop at BCC during the flex day (January 2017). Her presentation was meaningful and she was truly fantastic! She had an incredible story to share and she’s a powerful speaker. She hit all the right notes for our spectators. It was exactly what we needed. I had an opportunity to talk to her after her presentation and learned more about her expert in the field of equity and her training. She mentioned that she did give different workshops at colleges/universities. I decided to look it up about her workshops. I found one of the colleges, Sacramento City college. SCC hosted equity institute with Dr. Neal on October 16, 2015). She did give her presentation about equity from 9 am to 3 pm. See the link: Her handouts are enclosing on the SCC page.

I personally would love to have her as our guest speaker for providing her presentation based on equity workshop(s). I’m thinking about why don’t we host equity institute at BCC that’s similar concept with SCC.

I would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

Jenny M. Gough, Ed.D.
American Sign Language Instructor Berkeley City College
ASL Department
2050 Center Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

Know Your Rights Panel on March 2nd

The Sociology Club and the Undocumented Community Resource Center (UCRC) proudly presents a Know Your Rights panel on March 2nd at Berkeley City College. The panel discussion will begin at 6:00 pm in the Berkeley City College Auditorium.

It is essential that our communities know their basic constitutional rights and know what to do if they are arrested by police, ICE, or questioned by the FBI.

Our expert panelists for this event are:

Renzo Manay from the Law Office of Renzo Manay.
Fernando Flores from the California Labor Commissioner’s Office.
Elizabeth Flores from UC Davis School of Education.
Ariel Toran from the Contra Costa County Public Defender’s Office.

Please distribute this flyer to all members in your group to maximize the number of people who will benefit from this panel.

Questions? Please contact us:





From the Ground Up/Desde Las Raíces, Berkeley City College Atrium Mural, BCC Public Art Program

From the Ground Up/Desde Las Raíces, Berkeley City College Atrium Mural, BCC Public Art Program


As part of our college-wide initiative, we are reaching out to all members of the college community to do deep, interdisciplinary work on the theme of rethinking justice. Our priority goals are to:

• Help students see relevance of learning to the fundamental questions and challenges facing themselves and society today;

• Help foster the sense of a community of learning that embraces the whole college and area;

• Encourage collaboration across disciplines and programs;

• Promote collective reflection around how our community does and can better serve our values,

especially the value of equity.

Team Members
Currently, a group of faculty, staff and administration are working to craft programatic tools to bring this vision to life. We are also seeking to include students in this process.

Members of our team are currently the following folks. Please click on their links to see their Rethink Justice curricula and social justice profiles.
• Nola Hadley Torres, History,
Standing Rock/No Dakota Access Pipe Line Syllabus:
Black Lives Matter Syllabus:

•  Rowena Tomaneng, President,

• Shawn McDougal, Math,

• Chris Lebo-Planas, English,

• Brenda Johnson, Student Services,

• Jenny Gough, ASL,

• Shirley Fogarino, Public Information,

• Heather Dodge, Library,

• Mary Clarke-Miller, Multimedia Arts,

Juana-Alicia Araiza, Art,
Profile and Curriculum:…ustice-curricula/

From the Ground Up/Desde Las Raíces, Detail of Mario Sabio and the Black Panthers, et al, Berkeley City College Atrium Mural, BCC Public Art Program.

From the Ground Up/Desde Las Raíces, Detail of Mario Sabio and the Black Panthers, et al, Berkeley City College Atrium Mural, BCC Public Art Program.













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