Steps to Receiving Services

    1. Complete the online application for the Peralta Community Colleges.
    2. Schedule an appointment with a PSSD Counselor in Room 261 or by calling (510) 981-2812.
    3. Provide verification of disability to the PSSD office. Documentation verifying a disability may include, but is not limited to:
      • high school special education plans (IEPs);
      • medical records or reports;
      • psychological evaluations or assessments;
      • LD testing from another California community college.
    4. Complete the financial aid/fee waiver forms if applicable.
    5. Obtain transcripts from other colleges or high schools if possible for education planning.

Note:  Students may obtain a Disability Verification Form from the PSSD Office in Room 261. The Disability Verification Form must be completed, signed, and dated by the qualified professional who has working knowledge of your disability.  A qualified professional may include a physician, a psychologist, an LD Specialist, or other licensed professional.

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