Chemistry Placement Schedule

Traditional standardized Math, English and ESOL assessments are no longer required in order to place into appropriate courses. If you have graduated high school within the past 10 years, have taken math/English/ESOL courses at a college, or have a copy of your high school or college transcript, please go to the Counseling Department to get placed in your Math/English/ESOL courses.
MANDATORY ORIENTATION: Must be completed before meeting with a counselor, or complete by the end of your first semester.
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Placement and Assessment Location: Room 126 – located on the first floor of Berkeley City College, 2050 Center Street.

Summer/Fall 2020 Assessment Schedule

Note to Chemistry Students: Due to COVID-19 we have an alternative Chemistry placement exam. Please see below and follow the directions carefully for proper processing.

  1. Students have an option to take on online course called ALEKS. The Chemistry Department has set this up and students who pass this course and show proof can be placed in Chemistry 1A; however, there is a fee involved ($25). Here is the ALEKS link from the Chemistry Department website:
  2. Students also have the option to challenge the pre-requisite and submit their Challenge petition form to Admissions & Records who will process and then forward to Sam Gillette (Chemistry Department Chair) so he can review and make a final decision. Here is a link to the Prerequisite Challenge Form:
  3. Students also can take the prerequisite course (Chemistry 30A) required and then enroll in Chemistry 1A in the next semester.

Hope this is clear and helpful information. If you have additional questions regarding Chemistry related matters please contact Sam Gillette at

This schedule is subject to change.   Space is limited and students must make an appointment.  To sign-up for a placement & orientation session, stop by the Student Success & Placement Services Department (room 121, 2050 Center Street), call (510) 981-2804: (510) 981-5002 or email:  Sessions begin at the time noted and last approximately 45 minutes, with placement results (recommended courses) available at the end of the session.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment.
Please Bring: a pencil, Photo ID (driver’s license, Visa, Passport, K-12 Student ID Card), completed the BCC Online Orientation.


Chemistry Assessment Dates


COVID-19 Notice to Students

The Peralta Community College District and all the campuses will remain closed until December 31, 2020 or until we hear from our state, district and campus administrators. Remote services are Monday through Friday; we will be available via e-mail, phone, Live Chat and Zoom by appointment during normal business hours. Make sure to provide us with your name, BCC Student ID number, email address and the best time to contact you. Please contact us at:

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