Library & Information Science Courses

LIS 80, 1 Unit

Introduction to Information Resources

1 hour lecture (GR or P/NP). Recommended preparation: Students must be able to communicate in written English. Students must be able to navigate the Internet and communicate via e-mail. Recommended Preparation: BUS 219, or CIS 205, or 237, and ENGL 201A or 204A or 264B. Acceptable for credit: UC/CSU

Basic research skills: Introduction to concepts and skills necessary to conduct college-level research using electronic databases, book catalogs, and the Internet. Concurrent enrollment in a course with a research assignment is recommended.


LIS 85, 2 Units

Introduction to Information Resources

2 hours lecture (GR or P/NP). Recommended Preparation: BUS 219 or CIS 1, 200, or 205 and ENGL 201A, or 264A, or appropriate placement through multiple measures assessment process. Acceptable for credit: UC/CSU

Introduction to the basic concepts and tools used in information research: Emphasis on how to develop a research topic, find, locate, evaluate and use information; search strategies for print and online resources including reference books, catalogs, indexes, specialized databases and the Internet.

(Source: 2017-2019 Berkeley City College Catalog)