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Massage Weds 12/6, 12-4 pm & Thurs 12/7, 5-7 pm

Mindfulness Monday (w/ Wellness Center) Mon 12/11 12:15-1:30

Therapy Dogs Tues 12/12 12:15-1:30

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Ara Jo zine library dedication and memorial for those lost in the GhostShip fire

Ara Jo zine library dedication and memorial for those lost in the GhostShip fire
Wednesday, November 29th 12:15-1:30 pm, Atrium

Ara Jo, who passed in the GhostShip fire one year ago, was a driving force in the East Bay zine* scene and in bringing zines to Berkeley City College.  She not only helped to coordinate several years of the annual East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest, which was held at BCC from 2010-2015, but also acted as resident zinester on campus.  Ara Jo brought zines into classrooms and taught students skills related to self-publication.  

Berkeley City College library is dedicating the zine collection to Ara Jo to recognize her contributions to campus and community in a ceremony on Wednesday, November 29th in the atrium during college hour (12:15 – 1:30).

Please join librarians, zinesters who have collaborated with Ara, and Ara’s friends to celebrate her life and legacy.  If you like, you can bring supplies for an altar to all victims of the GhostShip fire.  Following the dedication, the altar will be placed in Berkeley City College library.  

Zine donations will also be accepted.

More about Ara Jo’s life and influence can be found here.

Free beginning computer classes

The Berkeley City College Library is partnering with Berkeley Public Library to offer a 6-week class on computer basics. Classes are being offered on Wednesdays from 12pm – 1pm at Berkeley Public Library Central Branch (2090 Kittredge Street) in the 3rd Floor Electronic Classroom. This is 3 blocks from campus and ADA accessible.

You may sign up for all of the classes or only the classes you’re interested in. Seats are limited so please register as soon as possible with Dan Beringhele 510-981-6145

 The schedule is:

April 13: Computer Basics
April 20: Web Browsing and Internet Searching
April 27: Internet Safety
May 4: Email
May 11: Working with Files
May 18: Social Networking


Introduction to Information Resources

Learn College-Level Research Skills in

Introduction to Information Resources

LIS 85, Section #40796 starts 9/10 6:00-7:50
LIS 85, Section #45000 starts 9/08 6:00-7:50

Who should take this class?

  • Anyone who wants to become a better researcher
  • Students enrolled in a class with a research assignment

What are the details?

  • Class begins September 8th 2015
  • 8 week class
  • Hybrid class:  only 3 class meetings (your class work is mostly online)
  • CSU/UC transferrable

How do I find out more?

  • Talk to a BCC Counselor
  • E-mail the instructors at or



For more help with research on this topic:

  • visit the library
  • Call the reference desk : 510-981-2821
  • send an email :


In the library you will find American Poetry books
arranged on the stacks among the following sample call numbers:


Call Number

American Literature, 20th century  PS 221-228
American Literature Poetry  PS 301-PS 326
Collections of American Literature Poetry by form PS 593
Collections of American Literature Poetry by period PS 601-PS 617
Individual Authors 1900-1960 PS 3500-PS 3549
Individual Authors 1960-2000 PS 3550-PS 3576
Individual Authors 2001 PS 3600-PS 3626
United States History, Twentieth Century E 740-837.7
United States History, Later twentieth century, 1961-2000 E 838-889




Once you identify appropriate subject headings, you can perform Subject searches in the library catalog.  Start by searching the catalog by keyword. Use whatever terms you think best describe your topic. When you find a record that matches what you are looking for, view the record and see what subject headings were used. Then search again using that term as a subject search.
• American Poetry – 20th Century
• American Poetry – 20th Century –History and Criticism
• American Poetry – 20th Century – Collections
• American Poetry – Bibliography
• American Poetry – English Influences
• American Poetry – African American Authors
• American Poetry – New York (State) – New York
• American Poetry – Southern States
• American Poetry – Women Authors
• Whitman, Walt 1819-1892
• Dickinson, Emily 1830-1886 –Criticism and Interpretations
• Beat generation – poetry



  • Postmodern American poetry : a Norton anthology : PS615 .P669 1994
  • The Norton anthology of modern poetry : PS613 .N67 1988
  • American poetry in the twentieth century : PS323.5 .R4 1973
  • Oxford book of American verse ” PS583 .O82
  • Modern American poetry [and] Modern British poetry : PR1224 .U62 1950
  • New Oxford book of American verse : PS584 .N4
  • The treasury of American poetry : PS584 .T8 1993
  • The Vintage book of contemporary American poetry : PS615 .V46 1990
  • Under 35 : the new generation of American poets : PS615 .U53 1989
  • Fifty years of American poetry : PS613 .F5 1995
  • Postmodern American poetry : a Norton anthology : PS615 .P669 1994
  • 100 great poems by women : PS589 .O48 1995
  • American women poets : pioneers of modern poetry : PS151 .G6
  • The Oxford anthology of African-American poetry : PS591.N4 O97 2006
  • The garden thrives : twentieth-century African-American poetry : PS591.N4 G37 1996
  • Furious flower : African American poetry from the Black arts movement to the present : PS591 .N4 F87 2004
  • Shadowed dreams : women’s poetry of the Harlem Renaissance : PS591.N4 S54 2006
  • Asian American poetry : the next generation “PS591. A76 A83 2004
  • Touching the fire : fifteen poets of today’s Latino renaissance : PS591 .H58 T68
  • Triple crown : Chicano, Puerto Rican, and Cuban-American poetry : PS591.H58 T75 1987
  • The beat book : writings from the beat generation : PS614 1999




  • How to read a poem : PR502 .E23 2007
  • The making of a poem : PR1175 .M275 2000
  • The given and the made : strategies of poetic redefinition : PS323.5 .V39
  • the situation of poetry : contemporary poetry and its traditions : PS325 .P5
  • Contemporary poetry in America : essays and interviews : PS323.5 .C6


MANY ADDITIONAL BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE :   Try searching E-Books  which provides digital full-text access to over 600  books on literature and criticism.




  • Academy of American Poets: A resource from the Academy of American Poets
  • – Verse : a collection of poetry anthologies
  • Poetry and Literature (Library of Congress)
  • Poetry Society of America (PSA) : This organization for poets and readers is known for its annual awards, which include the Frost Medal and the Shelley Memorial Award. The site includes lists of Frost and Shelley award winners back to 1930, and poems by current award winners.
  • Modern American Poetry : A collection of over 150 poets that “includes excerpts from interesting analyses of poems, biographical information, relevant illustrations (such as book jackets, broadsides, paintings, drawings, comics, and photographs), manuscripts, drafts of poems.  For a list of poets covered in the site click here
  • The United States of Poetry : Companion to a 1996 Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) series that provided a “portrait of the country as seen through its language and poetry and was hailed as a major achievement by newspapers and periodicals.” View poet backgrounds, poems …


Guide to Philosophy Resources




Reference resources are a good place to start research. They can help you find background information, choose topics, and understand concepts and terminology. To access online resources from off campus you will need to obtain passwords from the library with your current student i.d.

CREDO : an online database that provides online access to over 300 reference books including:

  • Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Philosophers
  • Bloomsbury Guide to Human Thought
  • The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy
  • Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained
  • Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy
  • Dictionary of Existentialism
  • Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers
  • A Dictionary of Philosophy
  • Dictionary of World Philosophy
  • The Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy
  • Encyclopedia of Classical Philosophy
  • Encyclopedia of Empiricism
  • Encyclopedia of Ethics
  • Encyclopedia of Postmodernism
  • Feminist Philosophies A-Z
  • Great Thinkers A-Z
  • Key Ideas in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language
  • Key Thinkers in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Political Philosophy

HISTORY REFERENCE CENTER available via EBSCO offers full text from more than 1,620 reference books, encyclopedias and non-fiction books.


NETLIBRARY: provides online access to over 10,000 books. To access these books from off campus you will need to create a username and password using a computer on-campus or you can email Josh Boatright at and request that he create an account for you.
Some of the philosophy books available via NetLibrary include:

  • After Theory
  • American Philosophy: an Encyclopedia
  • Aristotle On the Goals and Exactness of Ethics
  • Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future
  • Comparative History of World Philosophy: From the Upanishads to Kant
  • Complete Idiot’s Guide to Philosophy
  • Demythologizing Heidegger
  • Descartes’s Imagination: Proportion, Images, and the Activity of Thinking
  • Dialogues of Plato
  • Echoes: After Heidegger
  • Ends of Philosophy
  • Experimental Philosophy
  • Foucault’s Challenge: Discourse, Knowledge, and Power in Education
  • From Myth to Reason?: Studies in the Development of Greek Thought
  • Hegel On History
  • Hegel’s Ethics of Recognition
  • Hegel’s Political Philosophy: A Systematic Reading of the Philosophy of Right
  • Hegel’s Theory of Madness
  • Infectious Nietzsche
  • Language and The Feminine in Nietzsche and Heidegger
  • Linguistic Philosophy: the Central Story
  • Matter in Mind: A Study of Kant’s Transcendental Deduction
  • Max Weber: Readings and Commentary on Modernity
  • Modernism, Daily Time and Everyday Life
  • New Philosophy: Henri Bergson
  • Nietzsche and Depth Psychology
  • Nietzschean Narratives
  • Nietzsche’s Anthropic Circle: Man, Science, and Myth
  • Oxford Companion to Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Rhetoric in Dialogue: Redrawing Their Intellectual Landscape
  • Philosophy and Theology in the Middle Ages
  • Philosophy of Language: A Contemporary Introduction
  • Philosophy of Science: An Encyclopedia
  • Philosophy: A Guide to the Reference Literature
  • Plato On Rhetoric and Language: Four Key Dialogues
  • Renaissance Theory
  • Social Constructivism and the Philosophy of Science
  • Sovereignty of Art.: Aesthetic Negativity in Adorno and Derrida
  • Thinking On Screen: Film As Philosophy
  • What’s Within?: Nativism Reconsidered
  • Words, Thoughts, and Theories


For articles on Art subjects there are anumber of EBSCO databases that may be useful for your research:

ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER provides full-text access to more than 4,600 interdisciplinary journals.

COMMUNICATION & MASS MEDIA COMPLETE provides full-text access to 380 journals in communication, mass media, and other closely-related fields of study.

RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY COLLECTION provides extensive coverage of such topics as world religions,religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy.


ARTSTOR is a digital library of nearly one million images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences. To access ARTstor from off campus you will need to create a username and password using a computer on-campus or you can email Josh Boatright at and request that he create an account for you.


To search the library’s holdings use the library catalog.  If you wish to browse the collection, books are arranged by Library of Congress Call Numbers which are directly linked to the books primary subject headings.  To browse books primarily concerned with philosophy, browse the B section of the stacks:

B1-5802 = Philosophy (General)
B69-99 = General works
B108-5802 = By period Including individual philosophers and schools of philosophy

B108-708 = Ancient
B720-765 = Medieval
B770-785 = Renaissance
B790-5802 = Modern

B808-849 = Special topics and schools of philosophy
B850-5739 = By region or country
B5800-5802 = By religion

If you have trouble finding the resources for your research, please don’t hesitate to come see a librarian in the library who is there to assist you in identifying and finding the resources you need or feel free to email Josh Boatright, , if you wish assistance via email.

Fayette Wimberly Collection

Through the collective efforts of the BCC Library, the Black Student Union, and our supportive faculty and staff we are pleased to announce the inception of the Fayette Wimberly Collection here in the Susan A. Duncan Library at Berkeley City College.  Dr. Wimberly taught history, political science, and African American Studies here at BCC (Vista) for over decade, with the last several years spent as instructor in the Program for Adult College Education (PACE).  The collection reflects her interests in these disciplines, as well as her work in anthropology and religious studies.

A Berkeley native, Dr. Wimberly earned her Ph.D. (as well as her bachelor’s and master’s degrees) at UC-Berkeley, where she also taught for several years.  Fay passed away unexpectedly on October 2, 2007 but those who she touched with her kindness and wit continue to cherish her memory.  The Fayette Wimberly Collection is a testament to her contribution to the Berkeley City College community so we encourage everyone to avail themselves of it.