Spanish Placement Exam


Nobody wants to be in the wrong class! If it’s too easy, you are bored and disengaged. If it’s too hard, you feel frustrated and one-down. We hope this self-placement exam and the advice of our well-informed counselors will help you start out in the Spanish class that is right for you!

¿Eres un/a estudiante bilingüe? Por favor visita esta página antes de tomar el examenEspañol para nativos / Spanish for students whose native language is Spanish

Our placement exam is now in Canvas. You will need to be a Peralta student and have a Peralta student account before you can take the exam. First self-enroll in our BCC Modern Languages Department Resources site here: then take the placement exam (you have only ONE attempt).  ¡Buena suerte!

If you cannot access the site, please contact our helpdesk: or call 24/7 Canvas support at (844) 600-4955

When you finish and get your score, check the “SAPE Placement by Test Score” and see where you place.

If you place yourself above Spanish 1A, you will need to:


  • please complete the form Petition for Pre-Requisite/Co-Requisite Challenge:  and give this form to the person in Admissions and Records when you register in person in this class. If you cannot print this form, people at A&R at Berkeley City Collage will give you the form. The Chair of the Modern Language Department will receive the form internally (you cannot complete and give him/her the form; he/she has to receive the form from A&R). After he/she reviews the information in the form and if he/she signs the form, you will be added to the class. This process takes no more than a week.
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