Welcome to the Berkeley City College Curriculum Committee


The curriculum committee is a subcommittee of the academic senate and a shared governance committee. It reviews and recommends course and program additions, revisions, and deletions, and recommends policy related to academic offerings to the district’s Council of Instruction, Planning, and Development (CIPD). Berkeley City College faculty are charged by Title 5 with the primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum and academic standards.


The mission of Berkeley City College’s Curriculum Committee is to provide guidance, advocacy, and oversight for the college’s curriculum by ensuring that it is academically sound, comprehensive, and responsive to the evolving needs of the community, so that the college mission, goals, and educational delivery to students are well served.



Berkeley City College

Curriculum Committee Membership

Spring 2017


Discipline Represented


  Email Address

Fabian Banga Modern Languages Faculty fbanga@peralta.edu
Christopher Bernard Business/CIS Faculty cbernard@peralta.edu
Joseph Bielanski Curriculum Committee Chair, Articulation Officer Faculty, Articulation Officer, CIPD Representative jbielanski@peralta.edu
Mary Clarke-Miller Multimedia Arts Faculty mclarkemiller@peralta.edu
Emi Mitsuno Hernandez Counseling Faculty, Counselor emitsuno@peralta.edu
Barbara DesRochers Science and Biotechnology Faculty bdesrochers@peralta.edu
Jenny Yap Library Faculty, Librarian jyap@peralta.edu
Linda McAllister Social Sciences Faculty, CIPD Representative,
DE coordinator
Ari Krupnick Arts and Cultural Studies Faculty, Curriculum Committee Chair Elect, CIPD Representative akrupnick@peralta.edu
Jennifer Lowood English/ESL/Educ Faculty, SLO Coordinator, CIPD Representative, jlowood@peralta.edu
Nancy Cayton Office of  Instruction Classified, Curriculum and Student Learning Outcomes Specialist ncayton@peralta.edu
Kuni Hay Office of Instruction Administration, Vice President of Instruction  khay@peralta.edu