Petition Deadlines

ADT Verification Deadline flyer

Are you a student who has applied to transfer to a California State University (CSU) for Fall 2019 and will be completing your Associates Degree for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T) this semester? If so, please make a Counseling appointment before March 10, 2019, to petition for your degree. 

The March 10, 2019 deadline is extremely important for those students who indicated on their CSU application that they will be completing an AA-T/AS-T. The CSU campuses ask BCC to verify that these students will be receiving this degree. 

This CSU process requires students to make an appointment to file their AA-T/AS-T petition with the Counseling Department. The petition must be completed by March 10, 2019.


For AA-T/AS-T Degrees (other than for CSU), Associate in Arts (AA/AS) Degrees and Certificates, the filing deadline for petitions is March 15, 2019, but students should meet with a Counselor before this deadline to ensure the petition is complete and filed on time.

Please come to the Berkeley City College Counseling Office for submission of petitions.


To download a petition form for degrees, please go to AA and AA-T/AS-T Petition

To download a petition form for certificates, please go to Certificate Petition


Please check the current Academic Calendar for petition-to-graduate deadlines, or call (510) 981-2805.