Counseling FAQs

1.  How to remove an enrollment hold?

a. If you have an enrollment hold you must first complete the campus orientation here:

b. Submit the confirmation for completing the orientation either in person through quick stop counseling located on the 1st floor of Berkeley City College or email a screenshot verifying completion of orientation to

2.  How to remove a pre-requisite for a course?

a. In-person – You must speak with a counselor at the quick stop counseling services on the 1st floor at Berkeley City College and provide document(s) that shows you have meet the pre-requisite from another institution or have completed a credit by examination.

b. Email – If you are unable to come in, you may email the document(s) that shows you have meet the pre-requisite from another institution or have completed a credit by examination to Keep in mind that the processing time may take up to 3 business days dependent on the availability of counselors.

3.  What if I have not taken the pre-req, but would like to challenge the requirement?

If you wish to challenge the course based on:
– work experience
– certification/licensing
– training

Please fill out the Pre-requisite Challenge Form (Click Here) and submit it to admissions and records. Admissions staff will enroll you in the course. The form will then be submitted to the Department Chair for their review. A challenge will be resolved by the appropriate staff within five (5) working days. You will only be notified if your petition is denied.

4. What is (academic/progress) probation or dismissal and how do I avoid it?

Academic Probation: If you have attempted at least 12 semester units and have a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 at Berkeley City College, you will be placed on academic probation.

Progress Probation: If you have enrolled in a total of at least 12 semester units as indicated on the total academic record district-wide, you will be placed on progress probation when the percentage of W, I, and NP’s recorded reaches at least 50% of all grades recorded. You will remain on progress probation until your percentage of W, I, and NP grades falls below 50% of all grades recorded.

Probation Procedures: After you receive the notification that you are on probation, you must meet with a counselor to gain clearance for registration and to discuss strategies for improving your academic performance, including possible reduction of your study load.

Academic Dismissal: If you have been placed on academic probation and you earn a cumulative grade point average of less than 1.75 in all units attempted in each of three (3) consecutive semesters, you hsall become subject to dismissal. Summer session is considered a semester.

Progress Dismissal: If the college has placed you on progress probation, you shall be subject to dismissal if the percentage of units in which you have been enrolled reaches or exceeds 50% in at least three (3) consecutive semesters for which entries of W, I, and NP are recorded.

Dismissal Procedures: If the college places you on dismissal, you must either make an appointment to see a counselor or attend a workshop to address the reasons you are on probation and petition for readmission. A counselor will make a recommendation to the Vice President of Student Services or the Dean of Student Services regarding the possibility of continued registration. You will be notified within a specified time regarding whether or not your petition for readmission is approved or denied.

5. Do I have to take the English or english as Second Language (ESL) and Math Assessment?

We recommend that students take the assessment early in their academic careers and then meet with a counselor who can advise you about the most appropriate English, ESL, and/or Math classes. There are some English, ESL, and/or Math classes for which you must either have taken the assessment or have passed a prerequisite course with a grade of “C” or better. For more Assessment information and test schedule, please visit:

6. Am I allowed to repeat a class in which I received a D or F grade?

Yes, students are allowed to repeat a course in which a D or F grade was received up to 3 attempts (including the 1st enrollment). Upon successful repetition of a D or F graded course, the student may petition that the original grade, units, and grade points not be computed in the cumulative GPA. Authorized Repeat Petition forms are available online by clicking the following link:

7. I finished all my Certificate and Associate Degree classes. How do I get my degree issued?

Students must file a petition for an Associates degree or Certificate of Achievement by the deadline shown in the Academic Calendar for the semester in which he/she plans to complete degree or certificate requirements. Petition forms are available in the Admissions and Records office. Students must see a counselor to complete the petition and it is the student’s responsibility to file the petition with Admissions and Records. The petition form for an AA/AS degree is available at the following link:   Petition AA-AS Degree, AA-T-AS-T on the Admissions & Records – Forms web page at

8. How do I apply for financial aid?

You can apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application on-line for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and fee waiver application available in the Financial Aid Office or FAFSA website.

Be sure to visit BCC’s Financial Aid website for more information at:

7. How do I obtain a transcript?

You may request official transcripts by Internet, mail, or in person at any of the four college admissions offices. The quickest and most convenient way to send a transcript is online over the Internet. Your transcript will include all coursework completed at College of Alameda, Laney College, Merritt College, and/or Berkeley City College.Students are expected to clear all financial obligations and other transcript “holds” before transcripts are mailed. A transcript request should be made well in advance of the time when the record will be needed. Same day transcripts are not available.

Transcript Ordering Options: Please visit the Peralta Transcript Information site to learn the ordering options and the fees:

Please Note: Grades are posted to transcripts approximately 2-3 weeks after each semester.

8. How do I meet with a counselor?

There are two ways to see a counselor: Quick-stop counseling is available throughout the day from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm located on the first floor in-front of the Library on a first-come, first serve basis. This type of meeting is limited to 10 minutes and is intended for simple, short answer questions. We encourage all students to make counseling appointments to make sure time is provided to meet your needs.

Examples of Quick-stop Counseling (10-minutes, first-come first-serve):

  • Excess Units
  • High School Student
  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Prerequisite Hold
  • Enrollment Hold

Scheduled 30-minute appointments may be made at the front desk of the Counseling office, or by calling 510/981-5036. Appointments provide an opportunity to develop an educational plan, review transcripts and discuss many other issues related to your progress. If necessary, counseling appointments may be cancelled in advance by calling the number above.

Examples of Scheduled Counseling (30-minute appointments):

  • Dismissal Re-admit Petition
  • Career Exploration
  • Financial Aid Petition
  • Graduation Petition (AA/AS or Certificate)
  • Out of District Transcripts (Bring copies to your appointment)
  • Crisis Counseling and Referrals
  • Student Educational Plan (Initial & Update)
  • Transfer Planning
  • Veteran Student Educational Plan

At the beginning of each semester, appointments are not available. All students are seen on a Quick-stop/Drop-in basis only. This allows counselors to provide maximum assistance for scheduling and enrollment concerns for all students.

9. What is a Pass/No Pass course? Should I take a course P/NP or for a grade? How do I take a class P/NP?

In designated courses you may elect to take the course for Pass/No Pass rather than receive a letter grade. You must make this decision prior to the 4th week of instruction (30% of instruction for summer session and short-term classes) and you personally must enter this information into the online enrollment system. Upon successful completion of the course, you earn the specified number of units, and the record will show P (which indicates a C grade or better). If your work is unsatisfactory, the record will show NP (which indicates a D grade or below). All units of P will satisfy community college curriculum requirements but will not count in the computation of GPA.You may not repeat a course in which you earned a grade of “P”. Once designated, a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) may not be changed to a letter grade. If you are planning to transfer to a four year institution, be aware that institutions may not count a course toward your major in which you earned a grade of “P” and institutions may limit the number of units for which you earned a “P” that they count toward a Bachelor’s degree. You should consult the catalog of the transfer institution for more specific information on this subject.

11. If I have a disability, where do I go for help?

Each college in the Peralta District has Programs and Services for Students with Disabilities (PSSD). At Berkeley City College, the PSSD Office is located on the second floor, Room 261, and can be reached at 510-981-2812 or 510-981.2814 (TTY). The PSSD offers a range of services including supportive counseling, disability assessment(s), academic accommodations, mobility services, and the like. Contact the PSSD directly to see a counselor to discuss the services offered and eligibility requirements

10. How do I drop a class?

Students may drop classes online using the Passport Student Administration System up until the last day to drop (refer to the current Academic Calendar). You may also drop a class in person by obtaining a Drop Card at the Admissions and Records Office, or you may download it by clicking the following link: Students must then deliver the Drop Card to Admissions and Records for processing.

Note: Non-attendance does not mean that you have dropped a class. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from a class.

11. How many units do I have to take to be considered a full-time or part-time student?

For the Fall and Spring semesters, a full-time study load is 12 units. For summer session, a maximum unit load is set for 10 units. A student may not carry more than 18 units during the Fall and Spring semesters without special permission. Student who wish to take 19 to 21 units may see a counselor to apply for excess units. Students who wish to enroll in 21 to 25 units must obtain permission from the Vice President of Student Services. Such permission ordinarily is not given to any student who has not maintained a grade-point average of 3.0 the previous semester.

12. What do I do if a course is closed?

During registration, if you try to register for a class that is full, “CLOSED – Wait Listed” you will be given the option to sign up on the Wait List for that class until the Wait List fills. Remember, being on a Wait List does not guarantee you a seat in a class. If seats become available, those on the Wait List will be registered for open seats in the order they are on the list.

Important: Passport will allow you to get on a Wait List, however, when the nightly process runs to check for any problems, you will be removed from a wait list if: you have any holds, time conflicts, repeat or prerequisite errors, duplicate courses, excessive units, or any type of registration error.

Can anybody get on a Wait List?

When there are Wait List openings, anyone can get on a Wait List. However, you are eligible to remain on that Wait List only if: you meet the class prerequisites, the class time does not conflict with another class in which you are already registered, you have no repeat errors, you have no holds on your record, or the class units will not exceed your maximum allowed. Be aware: If you put yourself on a wait list and any of these errors occur when the nightly process moves students into classes from the wait list, you will be dropped from the wait list. Also, you cannot be on a wait list for another section of the same course.

Who gets into a class?

If class seats become available, students will automatically be enrolled in the class in the order in which they entered the Wait List.How do I know if I got into a class?

If you are moved into a class from the Wait List, you will be notified by email to your Peralta email account. It is important that you activate and monitor your Peralta emails during the registration period. If you are registered in a class from the Wait List, it will be your responsibility to pay all fees 2 weeks before the beginning of the term. Students who are added after this deadline are required to pay their fees immediately or a hold WILL be placed on your account and your debt will be sent to collections.

When do I pay for the class?

Fees will be assessed after a student is officially registered in a class and must be paid 2 weeks before the beginning of the term. Students who are added after this deadline are required to pay their fees immediately or a hold WILL be placed on your account and your debt will be sent to collections. A student on a Wait List must monitor his/her email during the registration period if and when they are moved into a class.

It is important to remember that placement on a Wait List does not guarantee a seat in the class. Students on a Wait List after classes begin should attend the first class meeting to be able to enroll if space is available

13.  What is my next step?

Here is the FAQ Keycode: onlinehelp