Confidentiality Agreement

Confidential Information

Information about you is confidential. It is important that you supply the most current information about you, your educational history, plans and career goals so that e-counselors may provide you with the most accurate information specific to your needs.
Please read the following statements regarding your online information:
  • Per the Family Rights and Privacy Acts, I hereby grant permission for BERKELEY CITY COLLEGE e-Counselors to release academic information about me.
  • While submitting questions to e-Counselor, I must authentically represent myself in all aspects.
  • I am the student who is contacting e-Counselor. I have provided accurate personal information, educational history, and educational goals.
  • I will keep my information current by updating my Passport account.
  • I authorize the e-Counselor to view my academic records.
  • I authorize the e-Counselor to provide me with information related to my academic records online through the use of the e-Counselor website.

Privacy Protection

Please read the follow statements regarding your online information:
  • I understand that the most important action I can take regarding e-Counseling is to protect my personal information from others.
  • I have provided an accurate and private email address. I understand that e-Counseling will email via this address.
  • I understand that if I choose to share an email account with another person, that person will have access to my personal and academic information. By sharing an email account, I am authorizing that person’s access to my information, and in essence, giving them access to alter information about me.
  • Using e-Counseling may present a risk to your personal information and BERKELEY CITY COLLEGE cannot be responsible for any harm resulting from this risk.

Student Conduct

Failure to adhere to e-Counselor rules of conduct, etiquette, and guidelines may result in termination of e-Counselor services. Student conduct at BERKELEY CITY COLLEGE must conform to district policy and regulations, and college procedures. Violations to e-Counseling services, for which students are subject to disciplinary action, include but are not limited to the following:
Please read the following statements regarding your online information:
  • Forgery, alteration, or misuse of college documents, records or identification;
  • Tampering with the e-Counseling website, Internet access and software, or misuse of any computer technology;
  • Knowingly furnishing false information to the e-Counseling program;

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