Counseling Contact

Front Desk (510) 981-5036


Please utilized the front desk contact info for appointments and inquiries.


Veteran Counseling DSPS Counseling EOPS Counseling Mental Health

Christina Taing

[General Counseling / PERSIST] (510) 981-2931


Catherine Nichols

[General Counseling] (510) 981-2809


Denise Fontenot

[General Counseling]


Denise Jones

[General Counseling] (510) 981-2925


Emie Mitsuno-Hernandez

[General Counseling] (510) 981-5013


Fatima Shah

[General Counseling]


Gabriel Martinez

[General Counseling / Chair ] (510) 981-2915


Hermia Yam

[General Counseling] (510) 981-2909


Jennifer Lenahan

[General Counselor] (510) 981-5039


Kelvin Cheah

[General Counseling]


Norma Guido

[General Counseling]


Saba Gebre

[General Counseling]


Skyler Barton

[General Counseling / PERSIST] (510) 981-5029


Susan Truong

[General Counseling / Chair ] (510) 981-2937

Jeejun Bertuso

[Staff Assistant / Student Services] (510) 981-5033


Amy Herrerra

[General/Veterans Affairs Counselor] (510) 981-2860


Elisa Jaw

[DSPS Counselor/Coordinator]
DSPS Website


Jessica Kumar

[DSPS Counselor]


Joyce Russell

[DSPS Counselor]


Misty Trujillo

[DSPS Counselor]


Alejandra Oseguera

[EOPS Counselor] EOPS Website


Rhonda Johnson

[EOPS Counselor]


Ann Sussman – LCSW

[Life Long Medical – Community Partner| Mental Health Counselor]


Jamie Adair – LCSW

[Life Long Medical – Community Partner| Mental Health Counselor]


Janine Greer – MFT

[Mental Health Specialist]


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