Parking & Garages (Faculty & Staff Only)

(Updated 8/4/2016) – Download a copy of this Updated Parking Information  


The City of Berkeley has announced that the Center Street Garage (Across the street from the college) is closing for reconstruction on June 30.  The new garage opening in the Fall of 2017 will increase parking capacity by over 60% from 440 to 720 spaces, adding a 300 space bike stations and attended bathrooms.  We are in negotiations with the City to secure a number of parking spaces for our employees.


Downtown Berkeley Garage Map

With construction the public is losing 390 spaces.  As you can imagine, this will impact parking at the Allston Way Garage.  The good news is that the City have identified additional parking spaces in or near Downtown during reconstruction, by adding stacked parking, extending hours, and accessing unused spaces in a number of garages (See chart below).  Downtown Berkeley Association (DBA) is also providing a map and directory of these resources at: or click on the image to the right to go the map (pdf)


Parking Garage/Lot Day
(# of spaces)
(# spaces)
Date Available
* Monthly Parkers Only
Allston Garage Stacked 150 150 July 1
Kittredge Garage Stacked 50 50 July 1
Oxford & Berkeley Way Stacked 45 July 1
Equity Residential Parking 25* 25* Now
Telegraph-Channing Garage 100 100 Now
Durant & Center Angled Parking 36 36 TBD
Promenade Garage 122 July 1
Golden Bear Center Surface Lot 60 Now
Golden Bear Garage 150 Sept 10


In the event it becomes necessary to park at another garage, you’ll need pay for parking.  Please save your receipts for reimbursement at the end of each month (no receipt, no reimbursement).  All requests for reimbursement will be processed by the appropriate user department (i.e., Office of Instruction, Student Services…).  Detailed instructions and reimbursement from will be sent out by the Business Office at the start of Fall Semester.


Additionally, Escort Service is available.  You will need to contact the number below to schedule in advance Escort Service.

Escort Service

Downtown Berkeley Ambassador Dispatch Hotline:
Monday-Friday: 7:00AM-10:45PM
Saturday: 7:00AM-10PM


Additional Parking Information:

Bank of America Lot

2129 Shattuck Ave
0.2 miles to BCC

Berkeley Way Lot

2016 Berkeley Way
0.3 miles to BCC

Library Gardens

2020 Kittredge Street
0.2 miles to BCC

Milvia Street Surface Lot

2109 Milvia Street
469 ft. to BCC

Oxford Garage

2165 Kittredge Street
0.3 miles to BCC via Shattuck Ave &  Center St.
0.4 miles to BCC via Kittredge St. & Milvia St.

UC Golden Bear Garage/University Extension Lot

1995 University Ave
0.3 miles to BCC

Promenade Garage

1936 University Ave
0.3 miles to BCC

UC Banway Lot

2150 Kittredge Street
0.3 miles to BCC via Shattuck Ave & Center St.
0.4 miles to BCC via Kittredge St. & Milvia St.

UC Genetics Garage

On Berkeley Way at Oxford Street
0.5 miles to BCC via Center St.
0.5 miles to BCC via Addison St. & Center St.

UC University Hall West Lot

2123 Addison Street
0.2 miles to BCC

UC Berkeley Loop

Oxford Street btwn University & Center
0.7 miles to BCC

Equity Residential (Various Locations)

  • Berkeley Apartments  – Bachenheimer 2119 University Ave.
    2 miles to BCC
  • Berkeley Apartments – Gaia 2116 Allston Way
    2 miles to BCC
  • Berkeley Apartments – Fine Arts 2110 Haste Street
    0.5 miles to BCC via Shattuck Ave.
    0.6 miles to BCC via Haste St. & Milvia St.
  • Berkeley Apartments – Renaissance Villas 1627 University Ave.
    0.6 miles to BCC via University Ave.
    0.7 miles Via Grant St.
  • Berkeley Apartments – Touriel Building 2004 University Ave.
    0.2 miles to BCC

2315 Ellsworth St. Garage

Durant Ave. & Ellsworth St.
0.5 miles to BCC

First Presbyterian Church

2407 Dana St.
0.9 miles to BCC

Telegraph Channing Garage

2450 Durant Ave.
0.9 miles to BCC

Church Lot

2407 Dana St. – enter on Channing Way
0.9 miles to BCC

Trinity Lot

2362 Bancroft Way
0.7 miles to BCC

Dana/Durant Lot

2418 Bancroft Way
0.6 miles to BCC via Center St.
0.7 miles to BCC via Bancroft Way & Shattuck Ave.