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The Berkeley City College Service Community (BCCSC) is a collaborative service programĀ  between UC Berkeley’s Public Service Center and Berkeley City College’s Institute for Civic and Community Engagement. Our program assists students with the transfer process, helps students get involved on campus and in the community, and connects them with resources based on their needs.

There are two positions, Peer Advisors and Transfer Liaisons.

The Peer Advisors at Berkeley City College offer one-on-one extracurricular advising to students. Advisors work with a diverseĀ  group of students and specialize in helping students get involved so as to assist with the transfer process. Transfer Liaisons are transfer students from UC Berkeley who put on transfer and scholarship workshops and meet with students one-on-one to share their transfer experience. If you’re interested in attending one of those workshops please e-mail or call us


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a one-on-one, call or e-mail us!


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