Welcome to the Anthropology Website:  Anthropology is a discipline of the Social Sciences Department and is a diverse academic field of study focused on contemplating humankind through four distinct areas of research.

  • Archaeology explores the material remains of past and contemporary cultures and societies.
  • Biological anthropology explores human biology and its effects on behavior through genetics, primatology, hominin evolution and human ancestry.
  • Linguistic anthropology investigates the intersection of language and culture through phonology, morphology, and sociolinguistics.
  • Social cultural anthropology focuses on the study of contemporary individuals and groups through analysis of culture, kinship, marriage, subsistence and globalization.

We have a robust and growing program in anthropology at Berkeley City College with introductory classes in each of the four areas of anthropology and specialized courses in urban anthropology and Native America cultures.

We invite you to explore our course offerings. For more information about the anthropology program at BCC, please email tkies@peralta.edu.