Due to the quarantine, all Admissions & Records services have temporarily moved online.

Please contact us by emailing lnewsom@peralta.edu

All appointments will take place via telephone or Zoom (like Skype, but you don’t need an account).

BCC Admissions & Records

Admissions & Records (A&R) will be able to support students with enrolling online. Students may also add and drop classes, apply for transcripts, and answer any questions regarding admissions.

A&R Contacts

Students are encouraged to email Admissions & Records directly:
Loretta Newsom, lnewsom@peralta.edu
All questions or concerns regarding admissions:
Loretta Newsom, lnewsom@peralta.edu

Enrollment Verification and Transcript Requests:
Elinor Chin, echin@peralta.edu

Update personal information, major, student’s status:
Loretta Newsom, lnewsom@peralta.edu

Residency (AB540 included) and grade changes:
Loretta Newsom, lnewsom@peralta.edu

All questions regarding degrees please write to the following email address:
A–M Last Name: Hue Huynh, huehuynh@peralta.edu
N–Z Last Name: Tam Vo, tvo@peralta.edu

Click here for more information regarding Admissions and Records (adding, dropping, prerequisites, etc.) and feel free to email Loretta Newsom at lnewsom@peralta.edu or call (510) 981-2805

Need more information?

Click here for more information regarding Admissions and Records (adding, dropping, prerequisites, etc…) and feel free to e-mail the Peralta Community College District at admissions@peralta.edu.

Still Need More Information?

  • Check the current Academic Calendar to see enrollment and drop dates.
  • Contact BCC’s Counseling
  • Check our General Admissions Information.
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COVID-19 Notice to Students

For assistance with Admissions and Records, please contact us listed at:


(510) 981-2805