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Please verify the mission statement for your program. If your program has not created a mission statement, provide details on how your program supports and contributes to the College mission.

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The Program Goals below are from your most recent Program Review or APU. If none are listed, please add your most recent program goals. Then, indicate the status of this goal, and which College and District goal your program goal aligns to. If your goal has been completed, please answer the follow up question regarding how you measured the achievement of this goal.

Describe your current utilization of facilities, including labs and other space

Program Update

Semester End Enrollment/Usage Pattern

Review your Semester End Enrollment by setting the filter to your college and subject

Using the dashboard, review and reflect upon the data for your program. Describe any significant changes and discuss what the changes mean to your program. Consider whether performance gaps exist for disproportionality impacted students. Focus upon the most recent year and/or the years since your last comprehensive program review. Cite data points from the dashboard to support your answer.

Describe the department's progress on Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and/or Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs) since the last Program Review/APU. If your discipline offers a degree or certificate, please describe the department progress on Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs).

Describe the outcomes and accomplishments from previous year’s funded resource allocation request.

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In the boxes below, please add improvement actions and resource requests that are directly related to the questions answered in this section. If there are no improvement actions or resource requested in this area, leave blank.

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