Welcome to the Berkeley City College Student Services Department Webpage! You, your family, and your friends are welcome to talk to us about college, your future, and how to seek for resources to finance your education. Our department is here to help you reach your goals in life. At BCC, we are committed to transforming your lives. Find out about classes, clubs, and a variety of activities that may help you as you follow your dreams. To navigate and find specific information about our programs and services, please navigate through the student services offered by our department by clicking the links below! If you have not applied yet, click me for the enrollment steps and information.

Office of Student Services
Dr. Stacey Shears,
Vice President of Student Services
Room 242 | Second Floor
Office: 510-981-2820  Fax: 510-981-2988
Jasmine Martinez,
Assistant to the VPSS
Room 241 | Second Floor
Office: 510-981-2810  Fax: 510-981-2988
Brenda Johnson,
Dean of Student Support Services
Room 352 | Third Floor
Office: 510-981-2830  Fax: 510-981-2833
Ke (Joyce) Zhong Van Valkenburgh,
Assistant to the Dean of Student Support Services
Room 354 | Third Floor
Office: 510-981-2803  Fax: 510-981-2833
Martin De Mucha Flores,
Associate Dean of Educational Success
Room 251 | Second Floor
Office: (510) 981-5083  Fax: 510-841-7333
Jeejun Bertuso,
Coordinator-Student Equity & Achievement(SEA)
Room 151 | First Floor
Office: (510) 981-5033  Fax: 510-841-7333
John Nguyen,
Director of Student Activities and Campus Life
Room 151 | First Floor
Office: (510) 981-2877  Fax: 510-841-7333
Patricia Mendoza,
Interim Director of Financial Aid Services
Room 161 1st Floor
(510) 981-5001 Office, (510) 981-2990 Fax
Veronica Montoya,
Director, Hispanic Serving Institute
Room 124E 1st Floor