Sabrina L. Nelson

Professor of English and Multimedia Arts

Professor Nelson’s expertise lies in courseware development, instructional design, technical writing, film and video editing, film and television history, project management, budgeting and cost analysis, writing, shooting, directing, graphic design, user interface design, and web video. She teaches English 1a and English 5 with an emphasis on visual rhetoric and social justice issues. She also teaches MMART131a Photoshop, MMART150a Video Editing, and MMART 199 The Showcase Class.

Professor Nelson holds a BA in Media Studies from New College of California, a Master of Arts in Multimedia from Cal State East Bay, a Master of Arts in English Composition, Rhetoric and Writing, and a Certificate in the Teaching of Post Secondary Reading (Reading Apprenticeship) from San Francisco State University.

Professor Nelson has taught at Berkeley City College for 8 years and has worked on several committees including the Curriculum and Assessment (PIE) committees.

Email:  sanelson@peralta.edu