HireUP Pilot Program 2024

Peralta Community College District is one of 10 Community College Districts honored to be part of the HireUP Pilot Program through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. This is great news for students!

HireUP Program 2024 flyer

What is HireUP?

The Hire UP Pilot Program was established June 30, 2022 through Assembly Bill No. 183, codified in Education Code EDC 78080-78084, to provide stipends to formerly incarcerated, CalWORKs, and former foster youth enrolled students to help you meet the true cost of college attendance and to help remove financial barriers to meeting your education and career goals.

Eligible students receive a stipend payment based on the minimum wage and the number of units enrolled. If your status changes during a semester, your stipend will also increase or decrease accordingly. Stipends will be paid once a month. Students are eligible to receive stipends based on the number of units they are enrolled in as follows:

Enrollment Level Hours Monthly Stipend (4 weeks)
6-8.99 units 20 $1,280
9-11.99 units 30 $1,920
12+ units 40 $2,560

*$16.00 is the California Minimum Wage as of January 2024

Who is Eligible?

 Students who self-certify they are former foster youth OR CalWORKs OR formerly incarcerated and released within the past three years. Additional eligibility:

  • A U.S. citizen, eligible non-citizen, or exempt from paying nonresident tuition per 68130.5;
  • New or continuing student enrolled in a certificate or degree program;
  • Maintain at least half-time enrollment in a certificate or degree program;
  • Submit a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application for the current school year and complete the financial aid application process;
  • Remain in good academic standing by maintaining a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA and completion of more than 50% of all coursework attempted;
  • Agree to share post-pilot employment and or further education information; and
  • Self-certify you have been released from incarceration within the last three years and is a current participant in the Rising Scholars Network (or another dedicated reentry program); OR are a CalWORKS recipient; OR are a former foster youth.

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, please complete the Hire Up Agreement form by clicking here.

Once we receive your form, we will determine your eligibility based on the above criteria.

For any questions, please contact EOPS/CARE & CalWORKs Coordinator, Ramona Butler rbutler@peralta.edu.

How often are payments made?

  • Student HireUP stipends will be paid once a month during Spring and Fall semesters beginning April 2024.
  • Student eligibility is confirmed each month and awards are adjusted (if necessary) before stipends are disbursed to students and refunded through BankMobile.
  • Students must be enrolled in 6 or more units to receive a stipend.

Viewing Your HireUP Stipend

Eligible students may view their Hire UP stipend status by logging into their Campus Solutions account, under “Student Center” on the ‘Financial Aid Summary’ page. Stipends will be disbursed through the Student’s BankMobile account. The total amount of funds will be disbursed on a monthly basis until the end of the term – depending on units enrolled and program requirements.

  • Go to the Campus Solution account at https://myapplications.microsoft.com/
  • Enter your User ID and Password or select the “Click here to retrieve your User ID and Password” link to obtain your User ID and password.
  • Click on the “Sign In” button
  • Click on the Financial Aid box to view your Award Summary

How will HireUP stipends be disbursed?

HireUP stipends are disbursed to students once per month.

The Peralta Community College District partners with BankMobile Disbursements (formerly Higher One), a financial services company that provides refund methods for students to receive financial aid disbursements. More information on BankMobile Disbursement refund methods can be found at How to Access your Financial Aid Funds and Refund Choices – BankMobile Disbursements.