Education Teacher Preparation Certificates and Degrees

Elementary Teacher Education Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree (AA-T) Achievement
Berkeley City College’s Elementary Teacher Education AA-T is an interdisciplinary program which meets state guidelines in order to prepare students to begin their path toward becoming elementary school teachers. According to the Employment Development Department elementary school teachers are among the top twenty-five “occupations with the most job openings” in California, with new jobs opening annually. Students who successfully complete the AA-T in Elementary Teacher Education earn specific guarantees for transfer to the CSU system: admission to a CSU with junior status and priority admission to a CSU campus and to a program or major in Education or a similar major.

Liberal Studies–Teacher Preparation Associate in Arts Degree
The A.A. in Liberal Studies – Teacher Preparation is designed to prepare students to transfer to education programs at four-year institutions. Additionally, this program prepares students to qualify for California’s Associate Teacher permits. Career Opportunities: This program prepares students to qualify for California’s Associate Teacher permit. This permit allows them to work in after-school programs and Head Start programs and to work as para-educators.

This certificate combines some of the core courses in the Education AA-T with fieldwork in the schools, as well as additional courses in working with students who have learning differences and in the teaching of reading. Students who complete this program will be well qualified to serve as teachers’ aides in classrooms from kindergarten to high school and adult education.

Career Opportunities: Teachers’ aides in K–12 and adult education programs.

Education: School Readiness Certificate of Proficiency
Upon completion of this program, students will receive the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Associate Teacher Permit, with a School-Age Emphasis. This certificate combines some of the core courses in the Education AA-T with fieldwork in the schools, as well as additional courses focusing on school readiness. Students who complete this program will qualify to serve as teachers’ aides in classrooms from pre-kindergarten and transitional kindergarten through third grade, as well as after-school programs.

CBEST Test Preparation Certificate of Completion
This program prepares students to pass the CBEST tests in English and mathematics, standardized exams that future K-12 teachers in California must pass prior to being hired as teachers.
Career Opportunities: This program addresses the critical teacher workforce crisis in California as well as the testing barriers created by requirements like CBEST completion for beginning teachers. Those who successfully complete the program in order to pass the CBEST exams may become K-12 teachers in California.

Tutor Training Certificate of Completion
Students who complete the Tutor Training Certificate of Completion qualify to receive International Tutor Training Program certificates, which show that they are able to tutor effectively in at least one specific discipline and empower fellow students to be independent, resilient, and self-confident learners. This program meets College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) guidelines for International Tutor Training Program Certifications (ITTPC), a nationally recognized program. The CRLA has certified the Berkeley City College Writing Center to award this certificate. Certified tutors are thus able to demonstrate that their training has met international standards, which enhances their ability to find employment in high schools, community colleges, and adult schools, as well as in private tutoring.

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