Degrees & Certificates

Form Submission Notice

Please email all forms to the appropriate staff member, do not mail or fax forms. If you have any questions, please contact the A&R Technician, Tam Vo, at

Degree/Certificate Submission Deadlines

Spring 2021: January 25–March 12

Fall 2020: August 24–October 9

Summer 2020: June 1–June 25

How to Apply for Your Degree or Certificate:

1. Obtain the appropriate petition form, click the links below to pull up the following forms:

— Certificate Petition
— Degree Petition

2. See a BCC Counselor (schedule an appointment)
Our counselors will assist students in verifying that the degree or certificate requirements are met, sign off on petition and attach the necessary program and General Education worksheets. *G.E. worksheet is only required when applying for a degree

A completed petition should be fill-out with student’s information, contain both the student’s and Counselor’s signature with the Program and *General Education worksheet attach.

How to Order a Duplicate Degree or Certificate:

If you have already earned a degree or certificate at BCC and want to order a duplicate copy, please fill out our Duplicate Order Request Form.

Processing Types and Fees:

— Regular Delivery – $10.00 per copy – mailed within 2 weeks.
— Pick-up processing – $10.00 per copy – students pick-up degree/certificates at the college where awarded.

Requests will not be issued/processed if any of the following criteria are not met:

— Signed and dated request form
— A mailed request must have payment included. Check or money-orders only. DO NOT mail cash or credit card information.
— Mailed request should be sent to:

Admissions & Records
Berkeley City College
2050 Center Street
Berkeley, California 94704

— All Peralta debts must be paid and all holds, including financial holds, must be cleared before requests can be processed.

ConexED Launch!

Dear Students

The Peralta Community College District is launching the new ConexED platform starting early April 2022. ConexED is a one stop shop that will provide virtual and on-campus student services across the district. If you're enrolled in classes at more than one school, you will no longer need to juggle multiple Zoom links, scheduling apps and visit multiple websites.

Please note, you will have access to ConexED when logged in through your Peralta Student Portal

We have resources available for you to learn more about using ConexED. Please access the Canvas page in this link: