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Resources for Undocumented Students

17 February 2016

As part of the California Education Code, AB 540 allows certain students who have attended high school in California for 3 or more years and earned a high school diploma or its equivalent to be exempt from paying nonresident tuition at California public universities.

Most recent update: May 15, 2016

Legal Information:

Financing your Education Goals:

California University Information:

Community Organizations and Allies:

  • Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC): An organization dedicated to “empowering undocumented young people in their pursuit of college, career, and citizenship”, whose website contains a wealth of information including DACA, scholarships, and much more.
  • How to Support College-Bound Undocumented Students: Advice for Parents: A guide (in English and Spanish) for parents of undocumented students, prepared by E4FC.
  • Own the Dream: The website for a national campaign to support DREAMers, with news, information, and helpful links.
  • Dream Activist: An action and resource network that offers a multicultural, youth-led, social media hub for the movement to pass the DREAM Act and other forms of immigration legislation.
  • Underground Undergrads: This Web site contains a blog of stories and first-hand accounts from AB 540 students at the University of California Los Angeles. It also features up-to-date information on AB 540 and the California and Federal DREAM Acts.
  • Undocumented Students Unfulfilled Dreams (PDF): A report from the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education discusses the Federal and California DREAM Acts and offers profiles and personal testimonies from AB 540 students.

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