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For Students

The excitement and sense of accomplishment you feel on graduation day is the reward for all the hard work you do throughout your time at Berkeley City College.  Each assignment you hand in, each class you complete takes you one step closer to finding yourself in this picture.

The staff and faculty at BCC are here to help you succeed.  Get to know the tutors in Room 112; make an appointment with the counselors on the second floor; visit the library and ask Joshua Boatright, the reference librarian, for help with a research paper.

The overarching goal of Title III is to transform BCC into a series of interlocking learning communities. When you form relationships with other students and with faculty, tutors, and staff, and become involved in social issues outside of school, you find meaning in your life and reasons to learn. Your peers help you over the rough spots, and with this support you feel confident in your ability to learn, grow, and succeed.

Our mission is that by the time you graduate, you will communicate clearly; develop ethics and personal responsibility; find valid information easily; have skill with numbers; think critically; value diversity and be globally aware; and have self-awareness and skill in relating to others.

Learning Communities Transform Lives!


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