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Learning Communities Help Students Engage and Succeed

The Title III grant team in collaboration with the Basic Skills Initiative, the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), the BCC Learning Communities, the offices of instruction and student services is striving to emphasize the importance of foundational learning for all BCC’s students.

An overarching challenge to effectively preparing students who come to college without the traditional skills to succeed is in providing the support and mentoring that enables them to see connections between disciplines and develop their competencies. The college must meet the needs of the whole student by integrating every aspect of the learning experience, from counseling to instruction to tutoring.

In broadest terms, via Title III our BCC community facilitated BCC’s transformation to a learner-centered institution with a strong culture of assessment and a focus on continuous improvement. Strategies the college used to accomplish this are:

  • Staff development in the new teaching/learning center to help faculty and staff engage in reflective practice;
  • Support for assessment at the course, program, and college levels to investigate whether students are developing the competencies across the curriculum that will lead to transfer or career;

The proposed activities and strategies are designed to address the institutional problems that present the greatest barriers to success among many BCC  students. They are designed to be a permanent addition to the academic and student support structures of the college. BCC has chosen strategies for implementation that hold the greatest potential to permanently strengthen the institution beyond the five-year grant period.

BCC was honored this work was funded by a five-year Title III grant from the US Department of Education.


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