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Strengthening Student Success Conference Materials Now Available

29 October 2012

The Strengthening Student Success conference provides a unique opportunity for a wide cross-section of California community college professionals—including faculty, deans, program directors, student services staff, professional development and SLO leadership, researchers, and planners—to engage each other about strategies for building institutional effectiveness and student learning.

Please click here to access conference materials from the Conference held October 3-5, 2012 in Costa Mesa, CA.

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DART: Quick and Easy moodle Instruction with Kelly Pernell – November 28th ad December 12th from 12:15-1:15PM in room 315

22 October 2012

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DART: Quick and Easy Ways to Support Non-native Speakers in Content Classes; Thursday October 25th and November 8th from 12:15-1:15PM in rm 315

22 October 2012

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DART: Syllabus Writing for Success: Monday October 15th and 29th from 12:15-1:15PM

10 October 2012

What does your syllabus say about you and your class?  Write a syllabus that generates enthusiasm for learning and promotes access and equity in the classroom.  Join Cleavon Smith for a discussion on how our syllabi can convey messages that build rapport between teacher and students, and help create community among students.

DARTs (Discuss-Apply-Reflect-Tools) are two-part workshops designed for teachers to promote and implement techniques that improve access, equity, and student centered learning across the disciplines, while sharing knowledge and supporting professional development.

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