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Mission & Values


The Teaching and Learning Center at Berkeley City College provides and facilitates high-quality training and resources that leverage the experience, knowledge, and expertise of its staff and faculty to improve learning across all disciplines. This improvement in teaching and service-providing will enhance the learning of all of BCC’s students, especially those who enter school without the basic skills needed to succeed.


  • Collaborative & Inclusive: Instructors and staff will work together to strengthen their teaching and service;
  • Research and Inquiry-based: Our work will be informed by current and relevant research;
  • Student-Oriented: As instructors and staff, we should always inform our research, policies, and decisions with students in mind and as participants in our research;
  • Sustainable: Instructors and staff will plan and assess work in order to evaluate the long-term.

  • Teaching and Learning Center

    Thursday 17 April 2014
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