Spring11 FIG-13 PACE Status and Improvements

Area: PACE


Nola Hadley-Torres
Marilyn Claussen
Sandy Niemann
Linda McPheron

Research Question:

What’s going well in PACE?

How can the program be improved?

Research Methods:

Gathered demographic data on students, surveyed students on faculty-student relationships and life stressors that impact their learning.


  1. 66% of PACE students surveyed are at risk for life stressors with the highest stress indicator was a change in sleeping habits; changes at work; and a shift in social activities;
  2. A survey about communication showed 80% positive responses.


  1. Continue gathering demographic data;
  2. Urge math faculty to meet;
  3. Possibly develop a FIG to look at Math in PACE;
  4. Continue research on life stressors;
  5. Expand research to look at the impact of reduced student services;
  6. Develop emergency resources with Public and Human Services program.

Final Report:

TitleIII Final Report S11 PACE