Spring11 FIG-12 First Year Experience

Area: First Yeaf Experience


Cara Statucki
Shawn Dubiago
Gail Pendleton
Paula Coil
Hermia Yam
Allene Young
Joan Berezin

Research Question:

What is the experience like for our students in their first year at BCC?

Research Methods:

Created an electronic survey that will be distributed to students.


  1. 90% of students were interested in attending presentations where instructors would share information about majors and careers;
  2. Students mainly learned about programs and resources from their teachers (43%);
  3. 40% reported receiving no help when choosing their classes;
  4. More more in the report.


  1. Educate teachers about college information;
  2. Provide more information for students in a number of media;
  3. Help with goal setting and academic planning;
  4. Follow up survey to see why students who plan to transfer aren’t taking English or math classes

Final Report:

FIG First Year Experience Spring 2011