Spring10 FIG-1 Latino Student Academic Goals

Area: Counseling


Luz O. Moreno
Sandra Mendez
Felicia Tripp

Research Question:

  • What are the factors that hinder or support Latino BCC students in completing their academic goals?
  • How can the counselors and classroom faculty address these factors?


  1. A clear educational plan that helps them understand the connection between their classes and their overarching goals;
  2. Availability of instructors during office hours;
  3. Tutors who support ESL students through skill-building and encouragement;
  4. EOPS for computer and printing services, book loans and voucher.


  1. Lack of parental support & being a first-generation student (not having knowledge of what classes to take, etc.);
  2. Rushed and sometimes impersonal counseling;
  3. Balancing responsibilities (working, family, etc.).


Students want:

  1. More access and knowledge of how counselors can help them achieve their educational goals;
  2. Life skills workshops, i.e., time management;
  3. Inclusion of parents to help them understand the demands of college and how to support their student-children.

Project Report: