Spring11 FIG-10 Reading Strategies Used by ESL Students

Area: ESL


Pat Seery
Ellen Rosenfield
Gabrielle Winer


Research Question:

What are the thought processes or strategies students use to assist them in comprehending English reading material?



  1. Students take time to get organized in groups. They need time to warm-up;
  2. Allow more group activity time;
  3. Create tasks that refute the notion of a teacher-centered classroom;
  4. Provide students with lexical bundles/fixed phrases/templates for use in discussions.



  1. Create more opportunities in all skill areas to respond to texts (They Say/I Say);
  2. Frequent quick writes in response to texts;
  3. Ramp up extensive reading;
  4. Develop students’ cultural, geographical, and historical knowledge of the U.S..


Final Report:

ESL Fig Powerpoint Presentation (spring 2011)