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Welcome to Berkeley City College’s TEACH Program


BCC’s TEACH Program is a unique learning communities pathway that will help you to be successful if you want to become an elementary school teacher.


The TEACH program is a learning community pathway for students who want to improve their chances of success in completing the AA-T in Education, which is designed for future elementary school teachers. In this program, you will take classes with the same group of people, get to know your classmates, and support each other, while your instructors and counselors work with you and with each other to help you succeed. You will have overlapping homework in two or more classes and you will apply what you learn in class to an internship. Your learning community will help you to build valuable connections and experience as you prepare to transfer to a four-year university, well equipped to succeed in a credential program in order to become an elementary school teacher.


More than 280,000 teaching jobs will open in the U.S. by 2020, creating a need for knowledgeable, skilled, and committed educators. Demand will grow as elementary teachers retire and as California implements transitional state laws adding transitional kindergarten classes to public schools.


    Thursday 30 June 2016


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