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Top Funding Priorities

Opportunity Fund

Unrestricted gifts provide BCC with the ability to meet important challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Science and Biotechnology (Visit This Department)

The Bay Area is a hub for innovative biotechnology and biosciences companies. Our highly regarded training program for biotech workers and career-track scientists gives students a broad base in the sciences plus the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in this thriving field. Students graduating from our two-year certificate program are poised to move quickly beyond entry-level into positions of greater responsibility and reward.

Multimedia Arts (Visit This Department)

Our award-winning faculty educates students in a wide range of media professions: animation, digital film, digital imaging, web design, production and writing. Students hone their artistic abilities while learning to use highly technical equipment that prepares them for the real-world workplace.

Foundations for Success

Many students begin college in need of extra help to start them on their path. Through smaller classes and extra support, we can boost learning for those who need it most. By providing a strong foundation, plus the time and tools they need, we set them on the road toward a bachelor’s degree or employment.



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