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For the complete packet including this overview, application, ranking forms, relevant article from the PFT Contract, sabbatical contract, and examples of past sabbaticals, please click to download:


SABBATICAL OVERVIEW updated January 27, 2014

Who is Eligible?  

Professional Development leave, with pay, may be granted to regular faculty members for the purpose of carrying out an approved program which will benefit the District, students, the college and the faculty member.  The faculty member must have completed at least six (6) consecutive years of regular faculty service preceding the granting of the leave.

How many Sabbaticals will be awarded in upcoming semesters?

There are 3 sabbaticals available for all 4 colleges (not each college) each semester of the contract, for a total of 9 semester-long sabbaticals. Thus, because of the difference in FTE, the colleges have split the sabbaticals like this:

Spring 2014 Laney (BCC postponed) (CoA postponed)
Fall 2014 Laney BCC CoA Merritt
Spring 2015 Laney BCC CoA Merritt

How do I learn more?

This email was sent out Tuesday, January 28, 2014:

On behalf of the BCC Professional Development Committee, I’d like to invite all tenured faculty to attend one of the 2 scheduled Sabbatical Information Sessions next week in the TLC, room 341, if you are interested in applying for the sabbatical leave BCC will have next fall.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 1:30 -2:00 (immediately after Academic Senate)

Friday, February 7, 2014, 11:30 – 12:00

Please note that the year-long leave at 66% of salary is not an option, just the semester.

Your attendance at the workshops is an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the process, but is not a requirement for applying; all materials are available online at the Professional Development website, and I can meet individually with anyone who cannot attend one of the workshops.

What is the timeline for Fall 2014 applicants? 

by February 7, 2014 College Professional Development Chairs will hold informational sessions
by  February 28, 2014 Applications submitted to the College Professional Development Committee
by March 14, 2014 Review of applications by the College Professional Development Committee members and decision announced
by March 17, 2014 Notification sent to the District Staff Development office, and Vice President of Educational Services office

Who selects the candidates, and how?

3 administrators and 3 faculty from the Professional Development Committee use a 2-step scoring process. Ties are broken by seniority. Please see the enclosed ranking forms 1 and 2.

What should I include in my application?

  • The application form
  • A detailed proposal of what you intend to do (there isn’t a form for this – you can just write a letter to the committee)
  • Any relevant supporting materials (for example, if appropriate: letters of acceptance, a letter of support from your department chair, course of study brochures, abstract for a research project, etc.)

You can submit electronically to or place in my faculty mailbox in the 1st floor mailroom, up until 5 pm on Friday, February 28, 2014. Keep copies, and I will confirm receipt by email.

  • Professional Development

    Saturday 23 August 2014


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