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Sample SLO’s


Here are a few sample SLO’s from courses at Berkeley City College:

Biology 10 (Introduction to Biology) Student Learning Outcomes
1Apply the scientific method in the biological sciences
demonstrate comprehension of the scientific method in a simple experiment.
Institutional Outcomes: Computational Skills, Critical Thinking
2-Describe fundamental concepts in biology
describe the basics of cellular life, genetics, evolution, ecology, and biophilia, as well as the diversity of biological life
Institutional Outcomes: Computational Skills, Critical Thinking
3-Interpret and use graphs and diagrams
analyze and express ideas through equations, graphs, and diagrams
Institutional Outcomes: Computational Skills, Critical Thinking
4-Describe and analyze biological issues in the media
describe and analyze biological issues in the media
Institutional Outcomes: Communication, Critical Thinking


 Business 10 (Introduction to Business) Student Learning Outcomes
1-Use legal/ethical principles in business decision making
apply legal and ethical principles in business decision making.
Institutional Outcomes: Ethics and Personal Responsibi…
2-Produce a business report
obtain information related to the profession using traditional and electronic sources. Synthesize the information into a written or oral business report
Institutional Outcomes: Communication, Computational Skills, Critical Thinking
3-Analyze business situation; recommend plan for improvement
analyze a business situation and recommend a solution or plan for improvement.
Institutional Outcomes: Communication, Critical Thinking


 English 1A (Composition and Reading) Student Learning Outcomes
1-Write a strong research paper
write effective, well edited, well organized research papers of 3,000-5,000 words, which apply appropriate and clear organization strategies
Institutional Outcomes: Communication, Critical Thinking, Information Competency
2-write strong essays
write well organized, well developed, effective, well edited, logically sound, and clear essays
Institutional Outcomes: Communication, Critical Thinking
3-apply active reading strategies
apply active reading strategies in order to identify main ideas and critically analyze and explain ideas in texts
Institutional Outcomes: Critical Thinking

Multimedia Arts 150A-LA (Digital Video Editing, Design I, and Lab) Student Learning Outcomes
1-Use a video editing program
demonstrate command of the basic feature set of a major video editing program
Institutional Outcomes: Computational Skills, Information Competency
2-Produce video compositions
produce completed compositions combining video, sound, and titles
Institutional Outcomes: Computational Skills, Information Competency
Spanish 1B (Elementary Spanish) Student Learning Outcomes
1-Demonstrate communicative competence in Spanish
Use Spanish grammar and vocabulary for clear interactions, demonstrating communicative competence in the Spanish language
Institutional Outcomes: Communication, Global Awareness and Valuing D…, Information Competency

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