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Berkeley City College offers more than 30 courses in 

Biology,  Biotechnology,  Chemistry,   Physics,   Astronomy,  Geography, Geology,  Ecology and  Physical  Sciences.

Take a class to:

  • fulfill degree requirements or general education science requirements,
  • transfer earned credits to a four-year university,
  • have fun learning about the world!

Biotechnology Program at BCC offers two Certificates and an Associate in Science Degree. It provides students with excellent preparation for positions in Biotechnology, Academic Research, Pharmaceuticals, Allied Health Diagnostics, Environmental Science, Agriculture and Criminal Justice.

Analytical Chemistry Program at BCC  offers Certificate of Achievement and Associate in Science Degree.

Associate of Science Degree for Transfer (AS-T) in Biology. Students who successfully complete the AS­-T in Biology earn specific guarantees for transfer to the CSU system.

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