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Roundtable Membership

2016 – 2017 Roundtable Committee Members


 Rowena Tomaneng Co-Chair, President
 Kelly Pernell Co-Chair, Academic Senate President
 Kuni Hay Vice President of Instruction
 Jason Cifra Vice President of Student Services
 Brenda Johnson Dean, Student Support Services
 Francisco Gamez Dean, Business, Science, & Applied Technology
 Lisa R. Cook Dean, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, & Math
 Barbara Godoy Dean, Enrollment Services
 Shirley Slaughter Director, Business & Administrative Services
 Andre Singleton Interim Associate Dean, Educational Success
 Vacant Public Information Officer
 Cynthia D. Reese Executive Assistant to the President
 Barbara Des Rochers Academic Senate Representative
 Sam Gillette Academic Senate Representative
 Claudia Abadia Department Chairs Council Representative
 Hermia Yam Student Services Council Representative
 Jennifer Lenahan Classified Senate President
 Roberto Gonzalez Classified Senate Representative
 Ramona Butler Classified Senate Representative
 Alejandria Tomas Classified Senate Representative
 Marcus Stewart ASBCC President
 Vacant ASBCC, Senator


Length of Term:
By position – as long as position held
By appointment – Indeterminate
How Selected:
By position – by virtue of position held
By appointment – Appointed by respective bodies

  • BCC Roundtable for Planning and Budget

    Friday 25 May 2018


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