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Role and Functions


  • The PIE committee works to provide the following:
    • development and implementation of institutional learning outcomes assessment
    • analyses of data regarding institutional assessments and related data to help implement effective action plans for improvement
    • interfacing with the Teaching-Learning Center to help connect analyses of data to FIGs and APPLEs
    • identification of training needs; provision of committee training and peer mentoring
    • pooling and sharing of resources, including calendar, timelines, templates, samples from the disciplines, and clarification of processes
    • source of support and information regarding assessments, including ongoing progress
    • forum for discussion and sharing of ongoing questions and issues, effective practices, and success stories
    • forum for presentation of assessment results
    • input and advice related to assessment website and other college-wide assessment support activities
  • The assessment liaisons work with department chairs to provide the following:
    • Annual review of SLOs and course and program assessments
    • Communication with faculty regarding SLOs and assessments
    • Communication with faculty regarding how to find SLOs and put them on syllabi
    • Mapping of program outcomes to course outcomes

  • Planning for Institutional Effectiveness

    Monday 25 June 2018


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