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Role and Functions


  • SLO changes to Taskstream need to be approved by the department.  They should be sent to the Assessment Liaison for the department or the Assessment Coordinator, who might recommend changes based on the number of SLOs, the degree to which they can be measured or assessed, their clarity, or their alignment with courses and/or program learning outcomes.
  • The assessment liaisons’ responsibilities include the following:
    • Annual review of SLOs and course and program assessments
    • Communication with faculty regarding SLOs and assessments
    • Communication with faculty regarding how to find SLOs and put them on syllabi
    • Mapping of program outcomes to course outcomes
  • The assessment committee works to provide the following:
    • development and implementation of institutional learning outcomes assessment
    • identification of training needs; provision of committee training and peer mentoring
    • pooling and sharing of resources, including calendar, timelines, templates, samples from the disciplines, and clarification of processes
    • source of support and information, including ongoing progress
    • forum for discussion and sharing of ongoing questions and issues, effective practices, and success stories
    • forum for presentation of assessment results
    • input and advice related to assessment website and other college-wide assessment support activities

  • Planning for Institutional Effectiveness

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