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Policies and Procedures

The Peralta Community College District and Berkeley City College policies in were developed to protect your interests while you are a student at Berkeley City College. Read through them carefully to become familiar with your student rights and responsibilities. The following policies are contained in Berkeley City College’s 2011-2013 Catalog:

I. Discrimination and Complaint Procedures (p. 274)

  • Policy Prohibiting Discrimination (p. 274)
  • Implementing Procedures Prohibiting Sexual, Racial, and Disability Harassment and Discrimination Toward Students (p. 276)
  • Sexual Assault Policy and Procedures (p. 282)


II. Student Grievance Procedures (p. 284)


III. Student Conduct, Discipline, and Due Process Rights (p. 290)


IV. Academic Accommodations Policy and Procedures (p. 297)


V. Other College Policies (p. 301)

  • Academic Integrity/Academic Honesty for Students (p. 301)
  • Animals on Campus (p. 303)
  • Preserving a Drug-Free Campus (p. 303)
  • Smoke-Free Campus (p. 303)
  • Student Right–to-Know Disclosure (Completion and Transfer Rates) (p. 303)
  • Open Enrollment – Title 5 Regulations (p. 304)
  • Use of Information Technology by Students (p. 304)
  • Usage of Camera and Audio Devices, Information Technology by Students (p. 306)
  • Weapons Policy (p. 304)
  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (p. 305)

  • Personal Safety and Security Services at BCC

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