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Hi my name is Brianna Isabel Bowers. I will be graduating from Berkeley City College in May 2015 with an AA in Liberal Arts Emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences. I moved from Southern California post high school to the city of Berkeley in 2012 to continue my education. Through my journey as a full time student and part time employee within the Perlata District , my experiences have accorded me the opportunity to become an Ambassador. Learning how to use campus resources and take advantage of the student services available on our college campus, really makes me feel responsible for sharing my journey and helping others get through the nuances to higher education.

My name is Hoa Luong. I can speak English and Vietnamese. I have been a student at BCC since the summer 2011 and worked as a student ambassador since the Fall 2012. My double major is in Nursing and Psychology. I am proud of being a student ambassador to help students to access and utilize support system at BCC. Helping students with their enrollment process makes me happy and gives me strength to take the necessary steps to transform my life and the lives of others.

Hola my name is Carlos Ramirez Farias, I was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico & I’m looking to major in Nuclear Engineering. I’m a native Spanish speaker and can communicate in Portuguese. I’m part of the California Dream Network which works to serve the undocumented community. As most “DREAMers” I love the opportunity community colleges like BCC give students like us to pursue higher education.

My name is Bolorjargal Mendbayar. I moved to Berkeley from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2010 and have been a student at Berkeley City College since then. I started from ESL. My academic interests are Psychology and Environmental science. Helping students and giving a hand to my community motivates me to be a student ambassador. I chose to be an ambassador is to help students adjust to a new education system and begin writing the first page of their college careers.


My name is Fernando and most likely will major in good ol’ geeky mathematics! I speak English and Spanish fluently and a bit of Galician. Love sports and the outdoors, especially football (soccer tho!) and snow sports. I think BCC rocks because it’s in one of the most intellectual and revolutionary places on the planet, plus awesome professors and lots of committed students.


Hello, my name is Sabrina Manrique. I come from Guatemala, so I am able to speak in Spanish and English. I have also just started to learn French. I’ve been in the United States for a semester, and I’m currently a Student Ambassador at BCC, majoring in Industrial Engineering. One of my future aspirations is to transfer to a four-year university. There are several things that I enjoy about the Ambassador Program, like the opportunity to help other students, the day-to-day professional environment, and the weekly Leadership Program. Please feel free to ask me any questions! I will be happy to answer them as best I can.


My name is Beverley Abernathy. I’m an International student and I’m currently attending my second year at Berkeley City College. I plan on majoring in Nursing and I hope to become a Pediatric Endocrinologist Nurse. Being an International student, it has been quite a challenging but an exciting experience at Berkeley City. During my last semester, I became a student ambassador and had the privilege to represent the college and meet wonderful people who have become my close and dear friends. I love working as an ambassador and grateful for this opportunity and I hope to continue to help students in their time of need and assist the faculty and my fellow co-workers.


Hi everyone. My name is Chia Yi Huang, a.k.a Julie. I am an international student from Taiwan and currently studying in business. I have been in BCC for one year, so I am more than happy to share my experience with anyone who needs.


Hi my name is Andrea Parish and this is my second at berkeley city college as well as being an ambassador. I am political science major and I want to transfer to either ucla or uc Santa Cruz. I am from California but I moved around a lot growing up and the last place I lived was in Texas throughout high school. I have learned a lot from being a student ambassador this experience has helped me learn a lot about the campus and I love being able to help the students.


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