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BCC Student-Ambassador Program

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Welcome to the Berkeley City College Student-Ambassador Page!

BCC Student-Ambassador Program: An Introduction

The Berkeley City College Student-Ambassador Program is made up of students who are selected from a varied pool of applicants to represent the college’s diverse community. Our program is an extension of the Admissions and Records department. Our focus is to support new and continuing students through the enrollment process into the Peralta Community College District system, as well as to provide educational outreach services to local high schools, middle schools, and community partners.

Our Ambassadors serve an average of two year positions as the liaisons for the college and community, and they collaborate to support Berkeley City College’s mission to promote educational opportunity, student success and diversity.

If you are interested in being a part of BCC’s Student Ambassador Program, please pick up an application at the information desk on the first floor or click here to download the application (pdf). Applications are also accepted throughout the year for summer, spring, and fall semesters. Apply TODAY!

Our Mission Statement

Supporting Berkeley City College to promote student success, provide our diverse community with educational opportunities, and transform lives.








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