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Joe Doyle

Joe Doyle began painting at 6 years old, but dates his professional career from 1971, when he received his Masters Degree from State University, San Francisco. In that year he also exhibited his first of 18 one-man shows.

In the late ’70s, Doyle was one of the founders of the “Abstract Illusionist Movement”, which became one of the most far-reaching movements of modern art.

Doyle has participated in 46 group shows, and 9 performance pieces. His work has shown in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Tombstone and Oakland.

A pioneer on the World Wide Web as one of the first 400 web sites. Doyle has served on the Board of Directors for two Art Organizations, including Zip-Zap e-zine in 1994. In 1997, this innovation lead Doyle to found the largest major multimedia department in the East Bay, Berkeley City College Multimedia Program. Doyle serves as Department Co-Chair.

Active in the Bay Area Arts Community for the past 3 decades, Joe is a strong advocate for technical training in multimedia, development of artistic vision for digital artist and emphasizing content and design.


Lee Marrs

Lee Marrs is an Emmy Award-winning art director who entertained her fellow students K-12 with caricatures of her teachers, the coach, anyone of authority. She discovered pen and ink while visiting New Orleans at age 12 and chiaroscuroed everything and everyone in sight for decades. She was told she had to decide which career to pursue: writing, cartooning or fine art.  She did them all + animation.

As a TV graphic artist and later Art Director for WTOP-TV, the CBS affiliate in Washington, DC, Lee began the parallel work pattern that has continued her whole career: assisting Tex Blaisdell with Lil” Orphan Annie and Prince Valiant comic strips; illustrating for The Washington Post and The Saturday Review ; and fruitlessly banging her head aqainst rampant east coast sexism. TV work introduced her to animation.

Moving to San Francisco, Lee art directed several documentaries for Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Co. As a partner/editor of Alternative Features Service, a feature news syndicate, she provided artwork for underground and college newspapers internationally. She’s author and artist for over a hundred comic books from the underground publishers, DC Comics, Dark Horse and Marvel Comics Group – for such characters as Pudge, Girl Blimp, Batman, Wonder Woman and Indiana Jones. A 1982 Inkpot Award winner, she’s been reprinted in Japan, Canada, England, Portugal, France, India, Finland, Sweden, and Germany.

She ran Lee Marrs Artwork, an art/animation company for TV, feature films, computer games, and the web. Her clients have included Apple Computer, IBM, Electronic Arts, Atari, Time Warner Inc., Disney/ABC, Wonder Woman Foundation, KQED-TV S.F.,  KPIX-TV S.F.,  KNBC-TV L.A., Children’s Television Workshop, Nickelodeon, and  MTV. Meanwhile, she served as Director of Animation for Video Paint Brush Ltd. in Australia and later was Studio Art Chief for the games designer, The 3DO Company.

With a 2005 Master’s in Multimedia, Lee’s been the Animation Program Chair at the Center for Electronic Art; taught for SFSU Multimedia Studies Program, UC Extension, Cal State East Bay, Laney College; and lectured at UC Berkeley. She became Multimedia Co-Chair at Berkeley City College in 2007.

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Rachel Mercy Simpson

What grabs you? What ideas, images or stories won’t let go of you? I firmly believe everyone has a story to tell. The courses I teach will offer you the technical and community support you need to express what is vital to you. You will critically study how films are structured. You will learn the fundamentals of working on a crew or team and being part of a community that produces videos, art and media.

After graduating from Wesleyan University and completing the Sight and Sound program at NYU, I worked in the art department on several feature films. When I moved to the Bay Area, I attended the graduate film program at SF State and began working in documentary film, mostly doing cinematography, but also sometimes directing and editing. Much of my film work has been community based and focuses on bringing voices rarely heard into the media.

Over the past 6 years, I have taught at Berkeley City College. My wonderful and diverse students have gone on to study film at UCLA, CCA, SF State, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz. They have screened the work they produced at BCC both nationally and internationally at film festivals. They have started their own media companies, won Emmies, filmed documentaries, commercials, television programs and feature films. Come join us.

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