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Digital Video Arts

Berkeley City College Digital Video Arts Program equips students to enter the digital video revolution with core computer, fine art, and critical thinking skills. The program offers professional-level instruction focused on video design and digital postproduction, with supplemetary courses in preproduction, production, and multimedia theory.


The Digital Video Arts curriculum includes courses in nonlinear video editing, motion graphics, sound design, camera technique, scriptwriting and storyboarding, presentation technologies, business practices and real-world video projects

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Digital Video Arts Courses
These are just a few of the classes offered in the Digital Video Arts Department.

Scriptwriting & Storyboard
Introduction to Video Production
Intermediate Digital Video
Introduction to Motion Graphics
Intermediate Motion Graphics
Introduction to Sound Deign
Critical Studies in Multimedia
Film Art & Communication
History of Video Art
Creativity in Theory & Practice
DV Output & Presentation Method
The Music Video
DV for te Web
Digital Cinematography Basics

Final Cut Pro I
Special Projects
Multimedia Portfolio Developement
Project Management


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