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Accelerated Path-to-Transfer Hybrid Math Program

Berkeley City College offers a system of mathematics instruction that makes it possible for you to accelerate your progress toward a degree.

The system consists of between one and four hybrid pre-transfer-level courses. (Your assessment test performance and mathematics background determine how many pre-transfer-level courses you need to take.)

Each hybrid course consists of several modules, and each module covers one important topic that students usually learn in pre-transfer level arithmetic or algebra courses. These modules will help you learn what you need to know in order to succeed at college-level mathematics.

Delivering mathematics instruction this way has many advantages for you, among them:

  • If you learn fast, you can get from start to finish in a single semester.  You will work independently with instructional support in the classroom and on the internet.
  • You may not need to work through every module in the sequence. If you already know what is in a module you will have the option of testing out of it and skipping on to the next higher module in the sequence immediately. 
  • If for any reason your academic progress is interrupted during a semester, you get to keep credit for all modules that you have completed. When you return to school you will begin working in the module where you left off. You will not have to go back and start all over again as has always been the case in the past.
  • The purchase of a single workbook and access card buys you the access you need for the entire hybrid sequence, all the way from the beginning of arithmetic (Math 250) to the end of intermediate algebra (Math 203). This can reduce the cost of your textbook purchases for arithmetic and algebra courses by up to 75%, depending on where you begin your studies.


Ready to begin? Great! To get started, follow these instructions:


If you are new to BCC, then:

(1) Take your math assessment test to find out where to begin,

(2) Visit Counseling for advisement.


Be sure to take your assessment test results with you when you visit Counseling and Admissions and Records.


For your information…

If you assess into…

you should enroll in…

Math 250   Hybrid Math 250
Math 253   Hybrid Math 253
Math 201   Hybrid Math 201
Math 203   Hybrid Math 203


If you are continuing your studies at BCC, then:

If you are continuing

you should enroll in…

Math 250 Hybrid Math 250
Math 253 Hybrid Math 253
Math 201 Hybrid Math 201
Math 203 Hybrid Math 203


Please note that if you have already completed some of the modules in our modular system, you will not have to repeat them when you enroll in Hybrid Math 250, 253, 201 or 203.


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