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LIBRARY INFORMATION FOR FACULTY :  For handout of overview of library services and resources please click here  PROGRAM REVIEWS AND NEWSLETTERS



Berkeley City College Library Reserve collection houses textbooks, articles, readers, videos, and DVDs.

To place materials on reserve bring all items to any library staff member. For questions about reserves, please contact Marissa Young

All materials must be accompanied by a completed Reserve Request Form, available at the circulation desk. The standard loan period for reserve materials is two hours.

To assure availability of items in a timely fashion, bring in your material and completed request form before the start of the semester, or as early into the semester as possible.  Items are processed in the order received. Request submitted during the first weeks of classes may be delayed due to the large volume of reserve processing at the beginning of each semester. Allow a minimum of 1 week to process your items.

Copying of articles, manuscripts, book excerpts, etc. should not exceed the limits of fair use (Copyright Act 17 U.S. C. Sec. 107(4). To assure compliance, see a copy of the Copyright Guidelines posted in the Library.

The Library cannot be responsible for loss or damage of any materials that has been placed on reserve.

Please make sure your materials have been processed and are on reserve before directing students to the library to check them out.

Please remind your students they will need to obtain a Peralta Photo ID card and current semesters sticker before they can they check out reserve materials, as all loan transactions are automated. Photo ID cards can be obtained in the ID office in Room 151 on the 1st floor.

For questions about reserves, please contact Marissa Young


For scheduling library orientations, please contact any of the Berkeley City College Librarians:   Joshua Boatright (981-2991, Heather Dodge ( 510-981-2964, or Jenny Yap (981-2828

Library Orientations are a fun and easy way for students to become familiar with BCC library resources.  You can help your students go beyond Google by scheduling a library orientation for your class.  In just 50 minutes or less, a librarian can provide an orientation that is custom-tailored to the needs of your students.  Library orientations increase students’ ability to find research materials for their assignments and help them make the best use of the many print and electronic resources available to them.

BCC Librarians can come to your classroom or computer lab and show students information sources available to them on campus and online. We can customize these sessions for your class – anything from helping them focus their topics to searching for/evaluating web sites to correctly citing sources.

Please schedule your library orientation at least a week ahead of time. We encourage instructors to give their students any research-oriented assignments prior to the orientation so that librarians can better focus their instruction. Please give the librarian conducting an orientation for your class a copy of your research assignment prior to the orientation session.  Feel free to call a librarian if you’d like help designing a research assignment for your class. We’d love to help.

You may schedule a general or special-topic library orientation lecture for your class. The standard orientation is a 50-minute lecture-demonstration of basic information resources in the Berkeley City College Library. The content and length of an orientation can also be tailored to meet your specific needs.  Once contacted, we will schedule the visit and discuss what information your students will need from the library, the details of the current assignment, etc. We do ask that you contact us at least one week in advance.


The Library welcomes recommendations for library materials that support BCC’s teaching and research mission.  To recommend materials for purchase, or discuss other library-related needs,  please feel free to contact Joshua Boatright (981-2991


Please verify the availability of resources before making assignments which require the use of library materials by contacting either librarian.


We are happy to prepare selected bibliographies, list of subject headings on a specific topic, or other help sheets to meet your classes needs.  If you would like to take advantage of this service contact either librarian.


If you have ideas or suggestions regarding additional ways the Library may further support Berkeley City College faculty and staff please do not hesitate to contact the library.

Information Competency

Exercises that encorporate Information Competency Outcomes:
If you would like library exercises tailored to specific subjects and programs that are designed to reinforce the information research process, please contact Joshua Boatright

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