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1 March 2010


Sample Articles:

Evans, Arlene. “A CRATEFUL OF AMERICAN FOLK ART.” Antiques & Collecting Magazine 106.12 (2002): 35. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO. Web. 1 Mar. 2010.
Abstract:Presents the history of fruit crate labels in the United States which is a symbol of folk art in the country.
must be logged on to Ebsco to access above article

PBS Anti ques Roadshow Article on Crate Art:


California Historical Society’s Big Orange Online:  three periods of label design

Online Archive of California: includes labels from various library collections

395 Vintage Orange Crate Labels, 1900 – 1945:

Citrus Label Society:

All About Apples:

Box of Apples: An online museum (and gift shop) of fruit crate labels from the early 1900s to 1950s.


Antique Label Company:

Crate Art: 

Crate Lables Online:

Fruit Crate Art:

Label Scout:  “Fruit Crate Labels, Vintage Advertisements, & More”

The History of Fruit Crate Labels and Can Labels: Origonal Fruit Crate Labels 1880-1970

Vintage Fruit Labels “All about Vintage Fruit Label history, information and gifts”


Sunkist Crate Label Gallery

Cal Citrus Packing:

If you have trouble finding the resources for your research, please don’t hesitate to come see a librarian in the library who is there to assist you in identifying and finding the resources you need or feel free to email Josh Boatright, , if you wish assistance via email.

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