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Welcome to LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes), Berkeley City College’s ESL Learning Community!


This program will help you develop English skills for transfer into the U.S. higher education system. You can make progress towards a Certificate of Proficiency in High Intermediate or Advanced ESL, as well as develop a Student Education Plan to help you choose the best pathway to achieve your academic goals. You will do all of this within a supportive and diverse cohort of students from throughout the world.

LEAP students enroll in at least one ESL class (High Intermediate or Advanced level) and two .5 unit  Saturday counseling classes, Counseling 200A and Counseling 200B (Spring Semester 2018:  February 24 and March 17, 9 am-12:50 pm).  LEAP students have a dedicated counselor and receive priority registration for the following semester. For more information and to apply, please contact LEAP counselor Christina Taing (



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