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3B Homework

Homework is worth 20% of your course grade. Homework is assigned for each chapter. It is due on the day you take an exam for that chapter.

The organization, completion of all the problems, and quality of your written work will help determine your overall homework grade for an assignment. Please practice your mathematics writing skills. In order to demonstrate understanding on exams, you must know how to show your work.

Please organize and save all homework problems you complete. Never throw away the work you do in this course because it is evidence for the effort you made to succeed. Never fail to submit homework assignments, even if they are incomplete or late. Partial credit is better than no credit.

A free online tutorial help site has been created for you on the Piazza web site. On the site, click the Students Get Started link to search for Berkeley City College, and then for the Spring 2017 class titled 20983 Math 3B. You will be asked to provide an email address and to verify that address.

In person tutorial services are also available from the campus Learning Resources Center located in room 112 on the first floor and during office hours and at the end of class.

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