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Math 1 Precalculus

Preparation for the calculus sequence or other courses requiring a sound algebraic background: Inequalities, theory of equations, sequences and series, matrices, functions and relations, logarithmic and exponential functions; function concept used as a unifying notion. Not open for credit to students who have completed or are currently enrolled in MATH 3A/3B or MATH 4A/4B/4C.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Representation: Represent relevant information in various mathematical or algorithmic forms. (conversion of words to mathematical symbols and graphs)
  • Calculation: Calculate accurately and comprehensively.
  • Interpretation: Interpret information presented in mathematical or algorithmic forms. (for example, interpretations of equations, graphs, diagrams, tables)
  • Application/Analysis: Draw appropriate conclusions based on the quantitative analysis of data, while recognizing the limits of this analysis. (problem solving)
  • Communication: Explain quantitative evidence and analysis. (conversion of mathematical symbols and graphs to words)

Acceptable for credit:

AA/AS area 4b.
CSU area B4.
IGETC area 2A.


Intermediate Algebra (Math 203)

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