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Math 2 Precalc Homework

Homework is worth 10% of your course grade. Homework is assigned for each chapter, but it will not be collected. Your homework will be evaluated by your performance on periodic homework verification activities done in-class. These activities will involve solving a few problems in class (you will have access to your notes, homework, and your classmates.)

Please save all homework problems you complete neatly in a binder or ringed notebook. Never throw away the work you do to complete homework. Rather, please try to organize your homework problems as neatly as possible and label the assignments by chapter. At the end of the term, I may decide to collect “homework portfolios” from students if we haven’t done a sufficient number of in-class problems for most students to participate effectively. The organization, amount of work, and quality of work will help determine your overall homework grade (in addition to the in-class activties).

(Homework 9 and 10 are for practice and will not be part of your homework grade.)

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    Sunday 24 June 2018

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